Just who the hell was jezar@cix anyway?

Sitting here in Pizza Express, munching on my Capricciosa (thanks to Pizza Express’s very generous 2 for 1 – most expensive one free – offer) a bizarre and frankly rather worrying thought popped into my head…. namely “Who the hell was jezar@cix anyway?”. Now, this was worrying for a couple of reasons:

1. jezar@cix was from my subconcious buried back in circa 1995 (when I was first on the internet and a member of CiX (Compulink Information Exchange – a BBS or early forum system for those under the age of 30) to satisfy my Psion technolust)… and

2. Jezar@cix was actually Jeremy Wakefleld, and at the time I took an instant dislike to him – for no reason other than one line in his CiX profile – something along the lines of (and I’m para-phrasing through 14 years of mind-fog here…), wait for it… “women should use the power and beauty of their sexuality to enhance their personality not degrade it….“.!?!#$ What a complete wnaker! Sorry jezar@cix if you’re reading this and offended – I couldn’t believe anyone would actually write such a pretentious twaddle in their profile! And there was another classic boast along the lines of “…I even sold insurance door-to-door just to prove to myself that I could do it”. Well done you. Maybe my reaction to his profile says more about me than him! But, who cares? Anyway, and co-incidentally, I think he ended up working for Psion and/or Symbian. Presumably now he’s lost in the overall noodle-shgrapple that’s post Nokia aquisition/Symbian Foundation fall-out…. Again, I say, “Who Cares?” Meh.

Anyway, I’m off to worry some more about random things that have somehow lodged in the back of my brain for no apparent reason. Arse! Remedy! Biscuits! Service-On, Service-Off!

(Anyway, why have they got the lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody on the wall in a bloody Pizza restaurant???)


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Chilled out human being, doing techy stuff.

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