Bluetooth Proximity Detection

First really useful application of technology I´ve come across for a long time – combine bluetooth with a VOIP PBX and now I can receive VOIP calls to a phone on my desk when I´m there or receive them on my mobile when I not – automagically!

Following an inspiring article here I was able to configure my already installed Asterisk VOIP PBX to divert calls to my SonyEricsson P910i when it´s not within 10m or so of my desk.

This has to be one of the most genuinely useful implementations of VOIP & bluetooth combined! I was so geeked out when I got it all working I had to tell someone!!!


Marconi is no more…

Well, whaddya know? Just 25 days after I left ’em, they fall to pieces! Who am I takling ’bout?

Talking bout:

Marconi! How the mighty have fallen. It’s announced today that 75% of the business and the name are to be swallowed up by Swedish giant Ericsson. If only I’d have stayed behind, maybe I could have helped them out! Seriously, it’s sad to see the last British Telecoms manufacturer disappear…. time to get all the old Marconi stuff on ebay, whilst it’s in the news!

But anyway, on a more positive note, at least the calls from the job agencies are starting to come in… 🙂