I think I´ve found computing Nirvana!

Mac OS X is such a nice place to be I don´t think I ever want to leave! I´m now officially on the hunt for a Mac!

So impressed was I when I tried OS X, that I think I´ve been converted! There´s no clutter in OS X´s GUI – and it just does what you want – with no fuss. No right clicking, selecting properties and changing things – no having to activate ¨Administrative Tools¨, navigating through ¨Computer Management¨…. bliss!

And, due to the Darwin (UNIX) core – there´s Apache, ssh – all the things I need to satisfy my inner-geek that´s grown from years of playing with Linux.

Now, the next dilema is – do I go for a Mac mini and re-use my existing display, keyboard etc. or go the whole hog and get an imac? Decisions, decisions….


To Switch or not to Switch…

aka the pondering of the Apple

OK, so first there was Apple’s own switch campaign. If money was no object, then I would gladly add some Cupertino goodies to my technology stable (currently full of Windows, Linux, Symbian and Solaris mongrels) – BUT – cash resources being finite, Macs have always been on the wish list and no more…

But then, IBM decide to concentrate on other things, meaning that Apple’s h/w platform in the guise of the PowerPC chip will very soon start to look like a poor relation to the all-conquering Pentium. So I guess some Apple bod thought “If you can’t beat ’em join ’em!” and Apple decide to move over to Intel h/w architecture.

Earlier this year things get a little more interesting with the release of Apple developer kits containing the first attempts at porting the critically acclaimed OS X to “x86” hardware.

Cue the inevitable leaks of the OS X on x86 install DVD, add a dash of the bittorrent and voila – hackers aroud the world get in on the act trying to get Apple’s “locked to their Dev kit” OS X to install on any old Intel Box (read – any old PC).

All this got me thinking – why not try OS X on a PC to see if it’s worth buying a pukka Mac, h/w an’ all! Hmmmmmmmmmmmm………….

Although undeniably illegal, you gotta agree, it’s tempting! Gotta get reading the OSX86 project wiki to find out what’s what…

Maybe the next slice of cxf:blog will come via OSX – who knows?


Marconi and Rabbit clear out!

Since Marconi has died (or about to be swallowed up by Swedish Giant Ericsson!) I thought I’d auction off my remaining Marconi branded items, before it’s too late! Or look at it another way and perhaps I should be holding on to them for thenext 50 years until they’re really valuable?Who knows?And in other news – anyone into calssic italian Enny bags? Or Classic English Spode pottery? Check here for bargains on both!

Oh yeah – nearly forgot – you can check that link too for a geek-cool retro-phone classic from the early 90’s – a Rabbit CT2 digital cordless phone! The Rabbit was the Original Portable Digital Phone and has a retro chic that is becoming popular again thanks to the likes of Pokia, Hulger, Mockia et al.

That’s all for now….


Skype on Symbian

eagerly looking forward to this…

With the introduction of wi-fi enabled smartphones like SonyEricsson’s P990, running the beautiful Symbian v9.1 OS and UIQ v3.0, it surely can’t be long before we get a version of skype for Symbian? Please. Pretty Please?

If this is true, then it must be in the offing. We can’t have gloating like this from the Microsoft following idiots…

Saving my pocket money already 🙂


Bluetooth Proximity Detection

First really useful application of technology I´ve come across for a long time – combine bluetooth with a VOIP PBX and now I can receive VOIP calls to a phone on my desk when I´m there or receive them on my mobile when I not – automagically!

Following an inspiring article here I was able to configure my already installed Asterisk VOIP PBX to divert calls to my SonyEricsson P910i when it´s not within 10m or so of my desk.

This has to be one of the most genuinely useful implementations of VOIP & bluetooth combined! I was so geeked out when I got it all working I had to tell someone!!!


Marconi is no more…

Well, whaddya know? Just 25 days after I left ’em, they fall to pieces! Who am I takling ’bout?

Talking bout:

Marconi! How the mighty have fallen. It’s announced today that 75% of the business and the name are to be swallowed up by Swedish giant Ericsson. If only I’d have stayed behind, maybe I could have helped them out! Seriously, it’s sad to see the last British Telecoms manufacturer disappear…. time to get all the old Marconi stuff on ebay, whilst it’s in the news!

But anyway, on a more positive note, at least the calls from the job agencies are starting to come in… 🙂