“Aquainted with the Nite” and “Prophase”

Those ol’ School Band Blues

Aquainted with the Nite” – name chosen in an English lesson (Hi Mrs Dunkerley 🙂 )
Taken from the Robert Frost poem in the GCE O-Level companion “New Dragon Book of Verse” and deliberately mispelled coz that seemed edgy (we were super-cool 1980s teenagers after all!)… Or maybe we were worried about copyright and thought changing a few letters cancelled out the plaigarism?

Prophase” – name chosen in a Biology lesson on cell mitosis

Unfortunately just plain old “Acquainted with the Night” when first featured in the Steelbeat column in the local paper tho 😦

Acquainted With The Night? Oh no – “Aquainted with the Nite” ! and “Prophase” too. Bootleg tapes. Greatest Hits. No hits!
Where it all began, one GCE O-Level English lesson in the early 1980s…
Now with added guitar chords
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