Welcome to Room 7609…

Siemens Nixdorf Scenic Pro C5

5250 days later – booting an old pentium computer that’s been in storage for ~14.5 years. This filthy beast used to be the defender of the home network running the Smoothwall GPL firewall.

Borked Signage

In honour of the regular El Reg feature which looks like it’s coming to an end… here’s my tiny collection of borked signage:


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About Room 7609

Hi, and welcome to Zed Starr’s compendium of techno-bizzle. Sometimes a bit retro, or getting retro stuff to do things in “modern life”; featuring Raspberry Pi, Linux, GNSS, analogue audio/Hi-Fi, old Psion computers and with an overall electronics flavour. And no, I’m not sure exactly what “techno-bizzle” is either… Enjoy!

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