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10 years of Raspberry Pi

So the Raspberry Pi has been around for 10 years… everyone’s favourite credit-card-sized computer does just about everything

Borked Signage

In honour of the regular El Reg feature which looks like it’s coming to an end… here’s my tiny collection of borked signage:

Emulating the Psion MC400

I read an online post about creating an “MC400 emulator”. That got me thinking about the ROM, and the 28F010 flash chips that realise it…

My Linux life: a restrospective

As of July 2021 Linux has been around for 30 years. For almost all of that time I’ve been installing Linux on just about anything I possibly can….

5G on the moon?

NASA has ambitions to build a comms infrastructure on the moon using 4G LTE technology…

“Electronics & Music Maker” – archiving a demo cassette from 1982

“Electronics & Music Maker” (E&MM) was a magazine aimed at home/hobby music makers that started in the early 1980s and was produced as an offshoot of the mighty Maplin electronic component distribution empire. The idea was that it would promote more sales and engagement with Maplin’s component business through projects & DIY features based aroundContinue reading ““Electronics & Music Maker” – archiving a demo cassette from 1982″


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Hi, and welcome to Zed Starr’s compendium of techno-bizzle. Sometimes a bit retro, or getting retro stuff to do things in “modern life”; featuring Raspberry Pi, Linux, GNSS, analogue audio/Hi-Fi, Psion computers and with an overall electronics flavour. And no, I’m not sure exactly what “techno-bizzle” is either… Enjoy!

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