Shortened USB-Serial cables and power for the MC400 & Pi

Sorry, this page is still under construction…

Using a 30 year old laptop in 2021:

For now check out some of the details already at:

Raspberry Pi config:
Model 3B+, static IP, set to connect to home wifi or phone-hotspot when out-and-about
2 x USB-serial links:
/dev/ttyUSB0 (alias /dev/mc400.portA) – getty 9600 baud for terminal log in
/dev/ttyUSB1 (alias /dev/mc400.portB) – dosbox-x/MCLINK.EXE 19200 baud for filesystem access
dosbox-x emulator used to run MCLINK.EXE for file sharing and WSPCX.EXE to convert screenshots
rainbowstream used to send tweets
msmtp used to send emails
rclone used to sync to Google Drive
ImageMagick used to convert screenshots URL shortener API used to shorten Google Drive links to stored screenshots
curl & sed used to parse BBC RSS/XML news feed into text file

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