Siemens Nixdorf Scenic Pro C5

Defender of the (home) net…

This filthy monster served as a Smoothwall GPL firewall/dial-up gateway and then got upgraded to ADSL with the addition of the Alcatel Thomson Speedtouch “Frog” USB/DSL modem.

A fine specimen of the type, this Siemens Nixdorf Scenic Pro C5 still feels pretty solid – engineered with steel casing and components where some (Dell?) were using flimsy plastic. I upgraded this with a P200MMX CPU donated from another machine.

Powered up after approx. 5248 days! (That’s ~14.4yrs!)

Real time clock has only lost 21 minutes over those 14.4 years, I make that ~2.7ppm…

…and it still boots, what a beauty 😀

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