Tiny oscilloscopes – revisiting the JYETech DSO138 and trying the Raspberry Pi Pico based “scoppy” on Android

The DSO138 from JYETech is a tiny STM32 micro-controller based ‘scope that can be bought as a kit and I’ve had great success using it for various hobby-based electronics projects when the use of a full featured “professional ‘scope” just isn’t justified.

I recently discovered the Raspberry Pi Pico based “scoppy” via this YouTube video.

Scoppy getting samples from Pi Pico’s A2D

Comparing two 1PPS signals from different GNSS timing systems

The Pi Pico is limited to approximately 500k samples/second so has a useful bandwidth of 250kHz or less. The rising edges of the two 1PPS signals displayed in the screenshot above are aligned to within a few 10s of nanoseconds, but they look coincident as the resolution in this mode is limited to 2µs – 250ksa/s per channel when in 2 channel mode.

video – 1PPS from a GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO module
Pi Pico scoppy and DSO138 showing the same 1kHz test signal

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