“These aren’t the ROMs you’re looking for…”

So the recent MAME 0.253 release brought some good news for Psion enthusiasts: support for Psion’s 16-bit SIBO Series 3a/3c/3mx, Siena and Workabout/mx hardware!

MAME 0.253 running Psion Series 3mx ROM

The first MAME release to support these retro Psion machines from the 1990s is really only a taster – the machines are marked “not fully working” in MAME as there’s limited sound support (beeps only – there’s no A-law decoder in MAME yet) and no serial port support yet either. Having said this they’re eminently usable. There are some known bugs (certain games produce “Overflow” errors).

Despite the fact the emulation work started with the older Psion machines (MC200/400, HC & Series 3) I understand that the slightly more sophisticated memory management (on cold start) in the later machines means they’re slightly easier to emulate so they got to see the light of day first.

ROMs are out there, as with any MAME release a little research with your favourite search engine will lead you there…

Psion ROMs in the latest MAME merged ROMset

MAME source available at: https://github.com/mamedev/mame/

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