Breaking the Sound Barrier with Maxell Cassette Tapes

As a teenager in the 1980s I was obsessed with cassette tapes, and in particular with Maxell cassette tapes – something about their design seemed so futuristic….

such gold 😀

The font! The Gold! “Epitaxial”! They all hinted at hi-tech Japanese perfection…. Maxell tapes were very highly regarded for their sound quality too and many of my first “recording songs from the (FM) radio” mixtapes were made on Maxell cassettes 😉

A slice of my life in the 1980s – all recorded on Maxell tapes 😉
The later (1990s) series had the matte black “soft feel” plastic casing

I remember for a brief time Maxell UK operated a “loyalty scheme” involving the collection of tiny tabs from the inlay cards of cassettes (to be cut them out & stuck on a form! ) which could be exchanged for Maxell branded gifts – like this cassette key ring with tiny pen (which still works all these years later!).

I loved Maxell so much I would even stick (photocopied) Maxell branding onto other tapes… 😀

BASF made better with a little Maxell branding 🙂

Pete Murphy of Bauhaus gets blown away by Maxell…. the iconic TV ad from the 1980s 😀

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