Goodbye Qosmio….

just days after the warranty expires, the hard disk in my Toshiba Qosmio decides to do impressions of a chug-chug clunk-clunk fan with rattling loose bits inside! Yeeeeeeuch!

And even though I’ve got back ups, since the last one I’ve done a mammoth amount of work… ouch!

At least it’s only £50-ish for a new disk and we’re off again….. but it’s the hardship of it all! Having to re-install XP MCE, all the apps and stuff… eugh I’m dreading it! I’ve added a whole load of post Christmas CDs to iTunes too… boo hoo!

[sneaky laugh] Maybe I should bite the bullet and buy a new mac instead! Ha! ‘Cos that would cost not-a-little-bit-more-than-£50-ish??? [/sneaky laugh]


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3 thoughts on “Goodbye Qosmio….

  1. Yeah but you will have a nice clean PC when you are done.My PC died but the hard disk was fine, its just I cant attach it to anything to get the stuff off it!!

  2. Thats nice but I have a shiny new laptop, and I dont see how I can add a second internal drive to it.

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