Phew – what a day!

Well that was a long ‘un! One of those never-ending days at work, but unusually, one where I feel like I actually achieved something! Useful meeting, presentation went well, couple of useful phone calls where people actually had the right info. and were helpful! Wonders will never cease.

Just popping out for a spot of bar skittles 🙂 as is becoming the custom after the QSM (Quarterly Sales Meeting).

<- LATER ->

PS (Post Skittles) The girls won. Again. Next QSM we’ll have to choose a sport that the boys can actually win! Like, errrr…… well, ???
And I must be on a roll with the work positivity vibe – an idea I had a while ago has won favour with a couple of customers, and the supplier looks like he’s keen to work with us in developing it! Must’ve caught some sort of lucky virus (a la Red Dwarf 🙂 )

Time for bed….


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