Casio retro…

Some of my youth (!) was spent hammering away on one of these…

Casio VL-1

…a Casio VL-1 (sometimes known as the VL-tone). I can remembering skipping school lunches and saving the dinner money to save up for one! It’s since become something of a cult instrument, not least because it features primitive programming/hacking capability – programming one of the voices – known as ADSR – via the built in calculator…. ahh those were the days!

I was googling for some mp3 samples of the Casio VL-1 rhythms (prompted by hearing someone’s VL-tone ringtone in a bookshop at Munich airport) when I came across a software emulator for the VL-1 – genius!

Guess what most of my laptop CPU cycles are now being dedicated to šŸ™‚


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