hsNW :: (hack space for the NorthWest)

Getting rather excited about the prospect of a “hack space” for the North West of England. Looks like possible events are to be set-up in Liverpool, Manchester and Stockport (at the time of writing).

Some discussion at http://groups.google.co.uk/group/NW-hack-space

Liverpool specific venues being proposed:

[LSC] http://liverpoolsocialcentre.org/
[STATIC] http://www.static-ops.org/complex.htm
[CUC] http://www.novasscarman.org/contemporary-urban-centres/

Might be a useful re-cycling point for all the old-tech I’ve accumulated along the way – bit more creative re-cyling than down the local tip 🙂 I can just imagine the old components/PCs/Devkits and other Steptoe-esque items being beautifully combined into the latest 3D printing grid array bio-computer… or maybe not!

Follow progress on Twitter: http://twitter.com/hsNW

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