Just finished re-casing No.1 son's DS for the 2nd time. Let's hope this time it lasts longer than 4 days… http://bit.ly/emSkd

So the first time it broke, about 6 weeks ago, it wasn't his fault, the original Nintendo DS case had cracked plastic around the right-hand hinge on the lid, making it all floppy. So, I got him a replacement replica case from http://www.ebay.co.uk/ for £15. Took me about 2 hours to replace the whole thing – he wanted to go from his original red case to camoflague – so I had to dismantle every last little bit…. not easy :: see http://bit.ly/emSkd ::

Anyway, case replaced, DS back in business and he was a happy boy… for four days… until, showing off his cool camo case in the park playground he drops it on the ground, shattering the right-hand hinge! So he had to sacrifice another £15 of his holiday spending money to buy himself another case, which I've just got round to fitting.

Anyone who's ever done this before will know what little buggers the L & R buttons and their retaining springs are! Nervous breakdown here I come….


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