“Alma Mater” ???

So today I got to visit my “alma mater” – not a phrase I feel comfortable using, turns out it’s a (Latin) American English term, less so useful/used in British English – so what I really mean is I visited my old university. I have an alumni library membership, so thought I’d pop in, for old time’s sake. Turns out that the library layout is pretty much the same as it was >30yrs ago, right down to the location of the books. I struggle to remember what I had for lunch yesterday but found myself involuntarily remembering the 621.3 classification of the books I used to borrow as a student as I walked into the library… it jumped right out at me as I was waking through the aisles, the shelves in exactly the same place as they were back in the 1980s, and the same types of books were right there in front of me.

Just needed a copy of “The Art of Electronics” by Horowitz & Hill and it would’ve been complete… 😉

The Art of Electronics

I used to live about 20m up in the air where the spray-painted hoardings are in “Chandos Hall”…

Chandos Hall back in the day. Constructed 1962-64. Demolished in 2019.

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