Tiny Oscilloscope kit based on STM32F103 ARM microcontroller

I discovered this tiny oscilloscope kit the other week. It’s a DSO138 by JYE Tech£30 from Amazon(UK) or less than £20 if you can wait for delivery from China 🙂
It took me less than 2 hours to build and worked first time! I’ve still got some soldering skills lol. It comes in two versions – one with the SMD components already soldered or one with a completely bare PCB.

There’s open-source firmware available that supports data export to PC and it can be made 2-channel with the addition of a little extra hardware. Based on an ARM Cortex A3 MCU, it can be re-programmed using Arduino tools.
Great little project for STEM & electronics education.

A couple of days after I’d built the DSO138 I realised there’s a newer/better version available – the DSO138mini, and I also came across another project – this one turning a STM32F429 discovery board (which I just happened to have lying around 😉 ) into a tiny ‘scope:

(Updated version + link to the original project at https://github.com/deividAlfa/STM32F429-Discovery-Oscilloscope )

Lots more DIY ‘scope ideas in this instructable (featuring PC/Laptop sound-card based scopes as well as Arduino & Raspberry Pi based versions) 😉

A couple of traces I captured with the STM32F429 board via “export via serial port”. As easy as:
cat /dev/ttyUSB0 > image.bmp

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