Marconi and Rabbit clear out!

Since Marconi has died (or about to be swallowed up by Swedish Giant Ericsson!) I thought I’d auction off my remaining Marconi branded items, before it’s too late! Or look at it another way and perhaps I should be holding on to them for thenext 50 years until they’re really valuable?Who knows?And in other news – anyone into calssic italian Enny bags? Or Classic English Spode pottery? Check here for bargains on both!

Oh yeah – nearly forgot – you can check that link too for a geek-cool retro-phone classic from the early 90’s – a Rabbit CT2 digital cordless phone! The Rabbit was the Original Portable Digital Phone and has a retro chic that is becoming popular again thanks to the likes of Pokia, Hulger, Mockia et al.

That’s all for now….


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Chilled out human being, doing techy stuff.

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