To Switch or not to Switch…

aka the pondering of the Apple

OK, so first there was Apple’s own switch campaign. If money was no object, then I would gladly add some Cupertino goodies to my technology stable (currently full of Windows, Linux, Symbian and Solaris mongrels) – BUT – cash resources being finite, Macs have always been on the wish list and no more…

But then, IBM decide to concentrate on other things, meaning that Apple’s h/w platform in the guise of the PowerPC chip will very soon start to look like a poor relation to the all-conquering Pentium. So I guess some Apple bod thought “If you can’t beat ’em join ’em!” and Apple decide to move over to Intel h/w architecture.

Earlier this year things get a little more interesting with the release of Apple developer kits containing the first attempts at porting the critically acclaimed OS X to “x86” hardware.

Cue the inevitable leaks of the OS X on x86 install DVD, add a dash of the bittorrent and voila – hackers aroud the world get in on the act trying to get Apple’s “locked to their Dev kit” OS X to install on any old Intel Box (read – any old PC).

All this got me thinking – why not try OS X on a PC to see if it’s worth buying a pukka Mac, h/w an’ all! Hmmmmmmmmmmmm………….

Although undeniably illegal, you gotta agree, it’s tempting! Gotta get reading the OSX86 project wiki to find out what’s what…

Maybe the next slice of cxf:blog will come via OSX – who knows?


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