I think I´ve found computing Nirvana!

Mac OS X is such a nice place to be I don´t think I ever want to leave! I´m now officially on the hunt for a Mac!

So impressed was I when I tried OS X, that I think I´ve been converted! There´s no clutter in OS X´s GUI – and it just does what you want – with no fuss. No right clicking, selecting properties and changing things – no having to activate ¨Administrative Tools¨, navigating through ¨Computer Management¨…. bliss!

And, due to the Darwin (UNIX) core – there´s Apache, ssh – all the things I need to satisfy my inner-geek that´s grown from years of playing with Linux.

Now, the next dilema is – do I go for a Mac mini and re-use my existing display, keyboard etc. or go the whole hog and get an imac? Decisions, decisions….


Published by zedstarr

Chilled out human being, doing techy stuff.

2 thoughts on “Switched?

  1. I think so too! Got to find some more tat in the cellar to sell on ebay first!

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