NTP server – what time is it?

Well, my quest for world domination from the back bedroom continues…

Latest project – a dedicated stratum 1 NTP server for Farrow HQ! Got the 1PPS, ToD etc. coming out of the Symmetricom TimeSource 3100 (see previous post!) so all I need is a ‘puter to do the NTP bit 😉

Fancy one of these – Soekris net4501 – boards. “cos the boffins who know reckon they’re well suited to serving time.

I’ve been running a couple of test/evaluation servers for a while now, both on bog standard Dell Optiplex motherboards. One FreeBSD and one Fedora Core; I’ll probably go with the Fedora build on the Soekris (if I can get it to fit!) as it’s what I know best. I’ve had a little play with FreeBSD over the past weeks and couldn’t get the PPS interface working, whereas it worked first time for me on the Fedora setup.

…but realistically getting a working Fedora on a 512M or 1G CF card? Think I might have to trade up to a net4801 instead! Inbuilt IDE i/f for 2.5″ hard drive…. and more firepower. Not that I’ll need it – serving NTP to a handful of clients on the home network!

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