Pneumonia + Pleurisy = NOT GOOD

Well, what do you know? You’re happily plodding along, doing your usual day to day stuff, and life goes and throws a spanner in the works! Reminds me of the John Lennon quote “life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans“. In this case my other plans included a business trip to Indonesia, to present a training course with 20 delegates flying to Jakarta from all over Asia.

What life threw at me started as a pain under my left collar bone, that spread over the course of one day to a pain round my ribcage so severe I could hardly breathe. A couple of trips to A&E later (with a trip to the GP in the middle) and I’m diagnosed with “community acquired” pneumonia and pleurisy. Anyway, after a night in hospital the pain was under control and I was allowed home.

Just the fallout to deal with from the disgruntled asian travellers, having to cancel their collective travel plans. Some sweet talking from one of my colleagues, and the promise of a days extra consultancy when the course is re-scheduled seemed to do the trick.

And then, when you think that’s it for spanners-in-the-works, my five year old daughter comes down with chickenpox! And that was one of the childhood diseases that I didn’t catch! So, now there’s a risk of chickenpox too, which by all accounts is horrendous when you’re an adult…..

So, being forced to stay at home and “relax” what does a techy geek do? Well, I was hoping to tweak my little NTP baby but the combination of pneumonia/drugs/little-girl-at-home-with-chickenpox just meant it was an unproductive stint of lounging around, reading and consuming the staple diet of daytime-TV trash.

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