Dinosaurs – prehistoric & post-war

Had a trip to two interesting places in Texas today:

1. Dinosaur Valley State Park, near Glen Rose, Texas and
2. Pate Museum, near Forth Worth, Texas.

Both places contained evidence of Dinosaurs.

The first, the Dinosaur Valley State Park, has real dinosaur footprints in the rock of the river-bed. The footprints were made about 111 Million years ago in the mud flats of what was once a sea shore. They’ve been preserved by a layer of clay and then turned into rock by the following 111 million years!

The second, The Pate Museum of transportation, contains dinosaurs of a different kind – most notably the Fairchild C-119 “Flying Boxcar” and the “Flying Banana” twin rotor helicopter. Both Dinosaurs of the 1950’s and 1960’s era of aviation.

Some photos in the IONGNSS folder on picassaweb below.

(and before anyone asks, the folder’s called IONGNSS because I’m here for the 2006 ION GNSS conference!)


Sep 24, 2006 – 18 Photos

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