EMOS Heaven

EMOS what? EMOS who? It’s a phrase from my days in the Marconi TAC24 (Technical Assistance Centre – 24 x 7). EM-OS was the GPT/Marconi SDH Element Management Operating System – basically an SDH Network Element manager running on HP-UX on HP J2240/J210 and similar workstations. (Later EMOS was merged into Marconi’s “ServiceOn” product portfolio, and EMOS was always lovingly referred to as “ServiceOff” – see what we did there?).

EMOS was the bain of out support lives. The usual response from the EMOS on-call so-called “product specialists” was invariably “Reboot it mate” – leading to the creation of the adage “RFA” = Reboot Fixes All. To be fair these guys got more sophisticated as time went on – the most eloquent of thier suggested fixes broke down into three phases:

  1. Re-seat the comms/network card – if that doesn’t cure the problem then:
  2. Re-boot – if that doesn’t cure the problem then:
  3. Replace the Hardware (meaning another HP Workstation couriered to site and built/configured to replace the ailing machine.)

Pure Genius!

Anyway, I digress. “EMOS Heaven” was a term that randomly appeared on a filing cabinet spelt out in broken pieces of magnetic strip…

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