Tiny oscilloscopes – revisiting the JYETech DSO138 and trying the Raspberry Pi Pico based “scoppy” on Android

Back in Jan 2021 I built the DSO138 tiny oscilloscope kit. Thought I’d dig it out and compare it with the more recent Raspberry Pi Pico based “scoppy” that uses the Pico’s A2D and an Android phone app to display the data

Psion MC400 – retro computing via RS232 to Raspberry Pi – handshaking fixed…

Getting the 1990s era Psion MC400 laptop online via an attached Raspberry Pi and some custom shortened Psion serial-USB cables… Tweets, Emails, BBC News & screenshots! All in glorious monochrome and at 19200 baud 🙂

Grafana, Influxdb & telegraf based home temperature monitoring with Raspberry Pi and the humble DS18B20

Creating a temperature monitoring dashboard in Grafana to display temps from sensors all around the house. Running on Raspberry Pis and using the venerable DS18B20 one-wire sensor.