Raspberry Pi Supply Chain Issues – saying hello (again) to the Original Pi Model B Rev 2 512MB

The global semiconductor shortage has caused havoc for a great number of industries. At the time of writing the supply of Raspberry Pi boards (particularly the latest Pi Model 4B and Zero 2 W) is almost non-existent.

Prompted by this video from leepspvideo I dug out a couple of old 512MB versions of the original Raspberry Pi 1 from 2012 and have put them to work in place of a couple of Pi Zeroes 😎

These boards are running the latest bullseye RasPiOS and I have used the overclocking settings suggested in Lee’s video:


I also experimented with zram to speed up swap usage but I’m not convinced the IoT-like application these will be put to really needs it. YMMV.

How it started… Original Raspberry Pi 1 – 512MB model – pressed into service in 2022
Original Raspberry Pi 1 – 512MB model – pressed into service in 2022
In case you’re wondering… SD card is hiding underneath in an SD-to-microSD card adapter 🙂
Considerable hackage required to fit the pimoroni fanshim and SD-to-microSD adapter in the SB Components case 😀

I did find some better (smaller & PWM/GPIO controlled fans) but again, I’m not sure the light IoT-duty these boards will be put to really warrants extra cooling.

RasPi 1 running at 1.1GHz and 28°C (idle)
without fan and light duty (a few remote connections to “glances -w”) – temp gets up to around 45°C

glances via mobile chrome

The hostname for this particular device evolved to “tm-raspiface” as I once contemplated using temperature-machine (where all hosts have names that start “tm-“). Originally the piface part of the hostname came from the fact this Pi was at one point wearing one of the first add-on boards (before the term HAT had been coined 🙂 ) the Piface Digital I/O board from 2012/3 😀

Piface interface board – SPI control of digital inputs/outputs & relays.
10 years old Raspberry Pi still useful in 2022 😉
One of the great successes of the Raspberry Pi Foundation – SOFTWARE COMPATIBILITY!

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