Replacing the white LED stylus target light on Audio-Technica AT-LP120X

I recently bought a new turntable, the Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB. I wanted direct drive, decent mid-range quality (didn’t need the absolute highest spec due to my ageing & damaged hearing – I blame the school discos of the 1980s, and Roni Size gigs 😦 ) and USB built-in so I could hook up recording/streaming devices. IContinue reading “Replacing the white LED stylus target light on Audio-Technica AT-LP120X”

Bosch-Worcester 35CDi Fan Failure

It was a cold start to 2021, outside temps well below freezing, I guess that was the final straw for the ~20yr old fan in my combi boiler. On New Year’s Day I’d noticed it was making more noise that usual as I was putting some rubbish in the wheelie bin, nothing more than aContinue reading “Bosch-Worcester 35CDi Fan Failure”

Grafana, Influxdb & telegraf based home temperature monitoring with Raspberry Pi and the humble DS18B20

Creating a temperature monitoring dashboard in Grafana to display temps from sensors all around the house. Running on Raspberry Pis and using the venerable DS18B20 one-wire sensor.

Flashing LEDs with a 555 timer – and not a lot else

Just dug this out of storage – some electronics I made in the late 80s/early 90s. Most of it is old/scrap components that were lying around on my desk – only the (socketed) 555 and MC14526 counter/divider actually do anything; flashing the LEDs along the edge. I can remember making it at work during quietContinue reading “Flashing LEDs with a 555 timer – and not a lot else”

Winamp on Android – it’s like being back in 1997!

Can't believe it, back in 1997 Winamp was THE media player, mp3 files were just becoming popular… I remember running winamp on the first laptop I ever bought, a hulking big AJP 6200, running win95. Winamp on a portable device is what I longed for in 1997 – imagine winamp on a Psion Series5! IContinue reading “Winamp on Android – it’s like being back in 1997!”

IEEE Spectrum: Autonomous Vehicle Driving from Italy to China

POSTED BY: Erico Guizzo  /  Tue, September 21, 2010 The Russian policeman waved at the orange van zigzagging around the empty plaza, ordering it to stop. The van didn’t, so the officer stepped closer to address the driver. But there was no driver. The van is an autonomous vehicle developed at the University of Parma’sContinue reading “IEEE Spectrum: Autonomous Vehicle Driving from Italy to China”