I am an international roving cheese-spread reporter….

I've now eaten my own body-weight in "cheese". I say "cheese" because this is American cheese, so therefore not proper cheese, like English or French cheese. It even says on the packet that it doesn't contain any rBST (a growth hormone they force-feed the dairy cattle) which is nice. Just realised the white tubs ofContinue reading “I am an international roving cheese-spread reporter….”

This was my tech back in ’95 – #psion series 3a and #nokia 2140 on #Orange – 15 years ago, pre #symbian

Notice also the IBM PS/2 keyboard and Peugeot 205 GTi keys… signs o' the times! And also, the non-standard "rubber-duck" antenna on the 2140, 1800MHz PCN coverage back in the day always seemed a bit sparse 🙂