10 years of Raspberry Pi

10 years!

So where did the time go? Ten years of projects built with everybody’s favourite credit card-sized SBC (single board computer), the Raspberry Pi

At launch I can remember attempting to order the Model B on RS & Farnell websites (when they eventually came back up after the initial overload) – I think the first order I managed to successfully place was exactly 10 years ago on 03/03/2012. Checking notes I made back in 2012 it seems in May/June/July lead times were being quoted up to 10 weeks such was the demand.

First recorded sighting of a Pi on my work desk – 29/05/2012

It’s interesting to consider what might explain the success of the Pi – two things mainly: the huge community that’s evolved over those ten years to offer advice & support and the Raspberry Pi foundation’s attention to software compatibility (e.g. the latest Raspbian/ Raspberry Pi OS will still run on the original hardware from 2012!) which makes using the Pi almost frictionless 😉

IT JUST WORKS! Compatibility heaven.

In no particular order, a selection of things I’ve built with Raspberry Pi:

(trigger/content warning: DUST, DUST and more DUST)

No dust in this video 😉

Jun 2012 and another Pi about to do LED flash via GPIO – WOW 🙂

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