Some quick snaps taken on the taxi ride from Delhi IGI Airport to the Hotel

Seems like even in the most ramshackle row of falling down buildings there's always room for a Vodafone/Aircel/Nokia/Samsung/Sony Ericsson branded mobile phone shop/service centre 🙂 They don't seem to care about repairing the road, and they're not even that arsed about building the new Airport Metro link, but they do seem to love their mobiles…Continue reading “Some quick snaps taken on the taxi ride from Delhi IGI Airport to the Hotel”

First time I've seen this in over 3 years! #Apple #macmini

I've been using a Mac Mini as my main home desktop computer since March 2006 – and it's been powered on every single day since then, giving good loyal service to the whole family. And then this morning (whilst trying to get some unauthorised 3rd party hacked-up driver to work with an un-supported webcam inContinue reading “First time I've seen this in over 3 years! #Apple #macmini”

Wonderful embodiment of a "glass half full" :-) #MoBB

Wonderful embodiment of a "glass half full" 🙂 "RT: @MobileBrainBank: 10,000 tech professionals in Finland alone made redundant since Jan. What a magnificent force for creating something new. #MoBB" retweet from MobileBrainBank (obviously). Taking the positive view on undoubtable woe casued by major redundancies in the Finnish mobile sector. Heartwarming. Maybe they could make aContinue reading “Wonderful embodiment of a "glass half full" 🙂 #MoBB”

More #HumanLeague nostalgia…

I’ve been on a Human League Nostalgia trip after listening to my 1980’s playlist driving home tonight… and then found some videos on YouTube: ..and then found some really ropey videos of their live performances from 2003-2009! Shock – Phil’s got no hair! Maybe he should do a Gary Glitter and get a stage wigContinue reading “More #HumanLeague nostalgia…”

The great N97 transition… I love it!

Well, at last, thanks to some serious Finnish quality, I’m happy again! That is after the boys at work had made me suffer with the appalling P990i for over 2 years – what a great disappointment that phone was. I don’t know how Sony Ericsson could ever hope to be taken seriously again after releasingContinue reading “The great N97 transition… I love it!”

hsNW :: (hack space for the NorthWest)

Getting rather excited about the prospect of a “hack space” for the North West of England. Looks like possible events are to be set-up in Liverpool, Manchester and Stockport (at the time of writing). Some discussion at Liverpool specific venues being proposed: [LSC] [STATIC] [CUC] Might be a useful re-cycling point for all the old-techContinue reading “hsNW :: (hack space for the NorthWest)”