To Switch or not to Switch…

aka the pondering of the Apple OK, so first there was Apple’s own switch campaign. If money was no object, then I would gladly add some Cupertino goodies to my technology stable (currently full of Windows, Linux, Symbian and Solaris mongrels) – BUT – cash resources being finite, Macs have always been on the wishContinue reading “To Switch or not to Switch…”

Marconi and Rabbit clear out!

Since Marconi has died (or about to be swallowed up by Swedish Giant Ericsson!) I thought I’d auction off my remaining Marconi branded items, before it’s too late! Or look at it another way and perhaps I should be holding on to them for thenext 50 years until they’re really valuable?Who knows?And in other newsContinue reading “Marconi and Rabbit clear out!”