"What we've got here is…failure to communicate."

In another retro-viewage session, I’ve re-visited “Cool Hand Luke” an absolute classic of a film from 1967 in which Paul Newman plays a non-conformist rebel… This reminds me so much of the first time I saw this film, with my Dad, as a young boy… Classic quotes like “I can eat 50 eggs.” that myContinue reading “"What we've got here is…failure to communicate."”

Honkchisel or Glossal Frag?

… just re-visited “Nathan Barley” – Chris Morris & Charlie Brooker’s take on the self-obsessed world of the “self-facilitating media node”s of the nu-meeja boom. Genius. Even though it was slated by the critics when released (it was first aired in 2005 – a long time after the early nu-meeja hype had settled) it’s oneContinue reading “Honkchisel or Glossal Frag?”

"thou shalt always kill"

No, not some incitement to murder, just 5 minutes and 18 seconds of pure genius from danlesac & scroobius pip – reminds me of Leftfield/Lydon’s “Open Up” (without the venom) or that Baz Lehrman “Sunscreen” thingy (only 874,000% cooler) Radio 1’s uber-kiwi Zane Lowe introduced me to this epic klingen-klanger as I was suffering myContinue reading “"thou shalt always kill"”

Dinosaurs – prehistoric & post-war

Had a trip to two interesting places in Texas today: 1. Dinosaur Valley State Park, near Glen Rose, Texas and 2. Pate Museum, near Forth Worth, Texas. Both places contained evidence of Dinosaurs. The first, the Dinosaur Valley State Park, has real dinosaur footprints in the rock of the river-bed. The footprints were made aboutContinue reading “Dinosaurs – prehistoric & post-war”